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Ciao Baby Portable High Chair

September 30, 2014


Deborah from American Outdoor Woman

Hi guys,

  We just got our CIAO! BABY Portable High Chairsin. I took one camping with me last weekend and I was amazed at how useful it was. It's one of the smartest inventions an outdoor mom could have when it comes to mealtime.  Instead of wondering about my little one year old wandering off while I'm preparing a meal I could have them sitting in their CIAO! BABY chair staying in one spot. And when it's time to eat I don't have to worry about helping him sit up and get down and falling from the too-tall picnic tables. Or trying to have him hold his own food on his lap in a small camping chair where he could easily tip the chair over. Not to mention spill food all over and make a mess. And when there's no grass, or a place for your little one to sit, these chairs are perfect!

These highchairs are not easily tipped. The legs lock into place providing extra stability. They also have a built in "T" style leg enclosure to prevent your little one from slipping out.

With a built-in tray and cup holder on the high chairs, all that hassle is eliminated. Toddlers can have their snacks and stay put! CIAO! BABY Portable High Chairs are a must have for camping moms, or to simply take on a picnic.


See you in my next post!

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