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Moonshine Jackets

September 17, 2015

Check out our selection of camo jackets and camo hoodies, just in time for hunting season! 



Fall brings a whole new series of outdoor activities, and with it comes cool crisp air. Stay warm with Moonshine camo jackets and camo hoodies. This camo jacket or camo hoodie with Muddy Girl logo can make you look your best while outdoors. Made from cotton and polyester material, this camo jacket or camo hoodie will not only make you look stylish, but these coats will keep you comfortable and warm. 




 At the top of the line of camo outerwear for women are our best selling Moonshine camo jackets. We've got an attractive Muddy Girl windbreaker camo jacket, hooded, with full zipper and pockets. Made from 100% polyester, this pretty camo jacket is designed to keep you warm, is lightweight, and looks gorgeous. Also, we've got stylish Moonshine Muddy Girl camo hoodies which include three-piece hood construction, stretchy ribbed cuffs and waist, making this camo hoodie a comfortable fit. Note that we have this camo hoodie available in full zipper style and, my personal favorite, pull over hoodie style; each with kangaroo pouch style pocket(s) and hood. Coming in vivid pinks and purples, these camo jackets are sure to make you look cute and adventurous while keeping the cold away.


"Baby, it's cold outside.." Warm up together by getting matching wildfire camo jackets for you and your partner! I love the bright orange and yellow in these Moonshine wildfire camo hoodies, attractive on men and women. Made from 100% polyester and fully lined is the camo windbreaker in wildfire camo print. This camo sweater has full zipper and hood, designed to keep the wind away from your body. We've got camo hoodies pull over style, not only in wildfire colors, but also camo hoodies in dark neutral colors; blend in with whichever style you choose. These camo hoodies are lined with stretchy ribbed cuffs and waist making them fit snuggly. Wearing these camo jackets will be sure to boost your confidence while you're out hunting, and make you feel good while sitting around a campfire.       



I can almost feel the warmth of these camo jackets just by looking at them. These quarter zip camo sweaters for men are lined with soft fleece and made from 100% polyester material; I'm sure it would feel like you're next to a furnace if you're wearing one outside in the cold. We have these good looking pull over camo sweaters in wildfire and outshine camouflage prints with corresponding solid neutral colors, black or brown. Although these camo jackets are not hooded, they still offer you your best look and plenty of warmth to get you through your fall outdoor activities.


Just writing about all of the camo jackets, camo hoodies, and camo sweaters that we have available makes my heart long for the outdoors this fall season. Camo jackets would make the perfect gift! Get yours today for yourself, your significant other, brother, sister, cousin, or a friend, and they'll be sure to love it.    



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