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Kryptek Camo

October 15, 2015

Stealth, bravery, adventurous... Did you know that Kryptek camo is featured in the recent film American Sniper and other late movies? Introducing our newest item; we have camo jackets and camo hoodies in some of the same Kryptek camo patterns as what you may have seen in that movie. The new valiant Kryptek camo hoodies compliment those with the stealthy, brave, and adventurous lifestyle. 

Here, we have these nice, warm, comfy hoodies in multiple attractive Kryptek camo patterns: Kryptek Yeti (white, light grey), Kryptek Typhoon (black, dark grey), Kryptek Highlander (browns, greens, tans). Each Kryptek camo jacket is internally lined with soft, warm cotton to keep the warmth inside! These pictures of the Kryptek camo jackets don't quite do proper justice, but these Kryptek camo jackets look stunning in person! The Kryptek camo hoodies are lightweight and fit snuggly, almost just like your favorite t-shirt. You will be impressed once it gets into your hands; these beautiful camo hoodies really do look and feel good in real life, more than what a photo can portray. 

We've got enough Kryptek camo hoodies for the whole gang. The Ladies Zenobia camo jacket, Yeti and pink, is lined with bright pink accents, making it super cute, and also has pink accented spartan logo in the upper corner. Sizes range from X-small to 2X-large. The Men's Tartaros camo jacket, Yeti and black, is lined with black accents and includes a fierce spartan logo in the center. Sizes range from X-small to 2X-large.

This unique pattern on these beautiful Kryptek camo hoodies looks more like the exoskeleton of an exotic reptile, and perhaps some bird feather print, rather than your regular traditional camo patterns. From a military look, to hunting in the backwoods, and everything in between, Kryptek camo jackets and hoodies will make a great choice of camo outerwear.


Wear Kryptek camo hoodie like a champ because with the spartan head on the front that's how it's sure to make you look. Get the Kryptek camo hoodies just in time for Christmas; any color of camo hoodie would make a fantastic gift! 

As you can see there are just tons of Kryptek camo products to choose from.

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