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OOFOS Recovery Sandals

October 08, 2014

 Deborah from American Outdoor Woman 10/12/14

Hi Everyone

Today I would like to talk a little about my Fantastic OOFOS Sandals.

    I have a wonderful young family and I spend a lot of time on my feet attending to their needs. I thought I had a comfortable pair of gel-filled flip flops to wear everyday while chasing my little ones around. Expecting these gel fills would give me the support my feet needed. But at the end of the day, my feet were still killing me! Attending a trade show I became acquainted with OOFOS. I was expecting another child and a little uncomfortable walking. The OOFOS rep offered me a pair of sandals to walk around the show.  As soon as I put the OOFOS on I noticed a BIG!! Difference! They have total arch support, and a foam/gel  comfort for your whole foot. After wearing the OOFOS for only a couple of hours I was in love with them. They made my other gel-filled flip flops feel as hard as a rock! OOFOS are so soft.They also helped me notice that my hip was out of place and that I needed to schedule an adjustment. These sandals are a lifesaver on your feet! So comfortable! And I love all the colors they come in! I would recommend these for EVERYONE, especially expecting women, and anyone who wants a comfortable, casual, everyday shoe!

Bye for now, see you in my next post.

OOFOS Are The Most Comfortable Footwear Period! #Feel The OO

OOFOS black OOFOS Are The Most Comfortable Footwear Period! #FeelTheOO

As someone who suffers from plantar fasciitis, finding footwear that is modern, stylish, and comfortable is super hard. It really seems that fashion and comfort do not go hand in hand in the footwear industry. You either have to silently suffer to look great, or wear hideous footwear to find relief. I thought finding a “balance” was impossible until I discover OOFOS Footwear.

womans size 12 black oofos  OOFOS Are The Most Comfortable Footwear Period! #FeelTheOO

So what make OOFOS so special you ask?

OOFOS Footwear are not to be referred to as sandals or flip flops. Made of proprietary OOFOAM and a patented foot bed design, these shoes are unique, and innovative. Each pair of OOFOS features 37% shock absorption material (the most on the footwear market). Uniquely, the super shock absorbent OOFOAM disperses your bodies impact to the side of the shoes, rather than back up throughout your body.

OOFOS Womans OOFOS Are The Most Comfortable Footwear Period! #FeelTheOO

Available in both men’s and woman’s sizes this footwear can also be purchased in a variety of fun colors. While the pinks, and blues caught my eye; the black was the most versatile of the bunch. I figured it would go with most of my outfits unlike the hot pink!

My Thoughts: 

Ok, so it is clear to say that OOFOS are not the most stylish pair of shoes on the market, but they are the most comfortable footwear, period! They are not hideous by any means, and are pretty cute, and versatile. When I first got my pair in, I had to try them out because for years, I have been hearing how awesome they were from friends.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, at first slip on and step, my entire body was thanking me.

oofos black womans sandals OOFOS Are The Most Comfortable Footwear Period! #FeelTheOO

You see for years I wore flip flops which completely damaged my feet, and heels. I’d work in flip flops, walk in flip flops..pretty much do anything in them. Then as I got older, my heels would start to ache so bad I couldn't even put weight on them. A trip to the doctor confirmed I had heel inflammation from Plantar Fasciitis.

Thankfully, my case is mild and will only reoccur when I got through a period of wearing supportive shoes. When I *no joke* slip on my OOFOS it is like slipping on a spa treatment. My feet, ankles, legs–they love them because I feel nothing. No pain, aches, or shock. This footwear is like walking on a cloud (as corny as it sounds). This might possibly be one of the most practical, and much appreciated items I have received in a while.

So, do you want to try a pair of OOFOS for yourself? I’m pretty sure once you try them, you will want more, and more! 

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